How Do I Register?

  • Head over to the home page on our website

  • Click the SECOND link "Literacy & Tutoring Booking Link"

  • Fill out the form and Ms. Q will contact you

How do I know tutoring will help me?

  • Before Ms. Q is assigned to your scholar, she will meet with both parents and child to assess the need for a tutor, and where your child is struggling.

What is an Education Consultation?

  • An Education Consultation is where I meet with the family to assess the academic situation, as well as, get to know the student a little so that we can ensure a strong match with a great tutor whom they look forward to working. Many factors impact how students perform in school including missing or weak academic foundations, lack of ability to understand how best to organize homework, the learning style of the child and other outside influences. The consultation helps me understand all of these factors. Ms. Q will also work with the client to establish goals and expectations for our tutoring sessions, prior to making a recommendation on an appropriate enrollment.

Do you offer online tutoring ?

  • We do offer online tutoring .

Is there drop-in tutoring ?

  • We do not offer drop in tutoring as all of the tutoring is conducted in the privacy of the student’s home, online or preferred location.